Sukimono founders: Shigechika & Satoko Hirashita
平下茂親さん ・悟子さん


Sukimono in Gotsu, Shimane is a company that was founded by entrepreneur Shigechika Hirashita. It is co-run by his wife Satoko, who is a trained textile and fashion designer. Its staff includes carpenters, craftsmen, and designers.

The company conducts various renovation and upcycling projects using abandoned resources from old houses and workshops. The couple used to live in New York before getting married, but Shigechika decided to come back to his hometown to start a new business. Their company is one of a few pioneer companies in Shimane that work closely with the local community and help to revitalise a region that is now facing the issues of an ageing society, declining population, and backward economic development. 

Sukimono recently completed the renovation of an old Japanese house in Hiso and created HÏSOM, a well-equipped and modern guest house. The key concept of this renovation project was to leave as many materials as possible from the original structure. “Japanese people have a culture of respecting nature. We believe that there are gods in the forests and woods. That’s why we also respect natural materials. Recycling in Japanese culture comes from this kind of spirituality,” says Shigechika. For the interior of HÏSOM, Satoko designed and created special textiles using natural materials and natural dye. 






Text by Maki Nakata
Photography by Edward Hames

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