Owner Masako Ohmi with her husband Yasutada
HÏSOM代表 近江雅子さん。夫の康忠さんと


Masako Ohmi, originally from Gotsu, a neighbouring town of Hiso and Yunotsu, returned to Shimane from Tokyo with her husband and two daughters in 2013. That’s when she discovered and fell in love with the beautiful hidden village of Hiso. Her journey to resettle in Shimane was not so easy at the beginning. Her husband could not help but miss his life in Tokyo. Living in the rural town of Shimane meant that it was not easy for her family to keep up with the lifestyle they had enjoyed in the city. 

But Masako knew that she was in the right place. She believed that she could make Hiso a new paradise; not just for her family, but also for other people who had never been to the village. In 2018, she decided to rent one of the old Japanese houses and convert it into a modern guest house. In the following year, after months of negotiating with neighbours, she finally opened the guest house HÏSOM. 

Now her husband and family share her vision and she is continuing with her dream to bring new life to the beautiful village of Hiso.  

Masako is a visionary and explorer who always finds hidden treasures and their keepers.  






Text by Maki Nakata
Photography by Edward Hames

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